Tips For a Perfect Car Wax

Keeping your car’s exterior clean is important to maintaining its value as well as its appearance.  Waxing is commonly viewed as an aesthetic touch, but this simple task can help prolong a car’s paint and body health. Doing this regularly will protect against dirt, acid rain, and salt once the thin protective coating applied during the first paint application has worn off.  However, there are some musts for waxing, and some tips on what to avoid.

Car Waxing Musts

Dry the Car:   The surface of the car should be completely dry before wax is applied, but it’s best not to let it dry in the sun. Spots have the tendency to appear when the vehicle is allowed to dry like this and can cause problems during waxing.

Use a Clean Applicator:  Make sure that the wax applicator or sponge is clean before using it. Remember to dampen it slightly before use.

Apply Correctly:  When spreading wax on the car, always use circular, clockwise motions.

Remove Correctly:  Once the car is coated, go back to the starting point and remove the wax in the same way that you applied it, but make sure your circles are in a counter-clockwise direction.

An Extra Tip For Shine:  To avoid streaking, keep using clean parts of the waxing cloth. Doing this will avoid mistaken reapplication of wax.

What to Avoid

Don’t Pay More Just for a Brand:   When it comes to waxes, cheaper can be better. All a good wax really needs to be is non-abrasive. There are product reviews which can help with decision making.

Waxing as a Substitute for Cleaning:   Waxing when the car is dirty will only trap in dirt and other harmful substances.

Working in the Heat:   As tempting as it is to work outside at noon in the sunshine, save waxing the car for a cooler time of day. The heat can damage the surface and make the wax hard to remove.

Reusing Rags:  Resist the temptation to save on rags by reusing them. Using fresh cloth will avoid reapplication of dirt.

Excess:   There’s no need to use a lot of wax. A thin coating will do the trick.

Applying wax the right way will reduce the need for expensive bodywork down the line.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your car looking good – inside and out – contact SkipChips, the Minneapolis area’s 3M-certified installers of Scotchgard clear auto bra and Scotchgard interior protectants. 

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