Tips for Cleaning Your Motorcycle

There’s nothing like the feel of the wind blowing up past you and the rumble of the gleaming machine underneath you as your ride down the highway. It’s important to take care of your vehicle to continue enjoying that exhilaration and sense of freedom. Maintaining your motorcycle involves more than a quick wash, engine checks and tire maintenance.

And it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your motorcycle when you put it away for the winter.  Not only will it look great when spring comes and you’re ready to ride, but keeping it clean will help its finish last longer.  To properly clean your machine, you need more than just a cloth and water. The following steps will ensure longer life and a better finish.

Initial Wash

The very first thing you need to do is wash off excess dirt and salt. When you get the initial dirt off using a gentle spray from a hose, you’re less likely to scratch up your finish later in the process. Taking this first step will also make reaching nooks and crannies easier later on down the line.

Wipe Down

Always use a new sponge to wash the body of your machine down. Rinse and repeat for any area that needs it. This may seem like a drawn out process, but the shining result will be worth it.

Brushes and Cleaners

Using cleaning brushes also helps get rid of debris. There are special cleaners and shampoos available, but be sure to study up on their specific uses and possible effects. Using the wrong cleaning product can cause damage, so do your homework before making a purchase.  After you’ve cleaned the seat upholstery, you may want to apply a protectant such as 3M Scotchgard to keep it looking good and easy to maintain.


Since oil and grease are very hard to remove, using a degreaser might be tempting. However, these products can cause damage to your motorcycle’s finish. This is why using water is usually the best bet.

Pressure Washing

For small areas like wheel bearings, suspension linking and drive chains, pressure washing may be in order. However, this type of cleaning is not advised for larger areas because it can cause damage to the finish.  If you aren’t experienced on using a pressure washer, you will want to test it out on something like a driveway or other non-vulnerable area before using it on your cycle.

When you wash your motorcycle regularly, you can avoid big repair bills and need for expensive professional detailing.

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