Tips To Wax Your Car Well

One of the ways you can protect your car’s value is to do your best to keep its exterior looking like new.  Wax does quite a few things for your car. These include hiding minor topical damage, protecting metal exposed in deeper scuffs from water and, of course, providing a great shine.

When shopping for wax, always read the label first to make sure it doesn’t have any abrasives in it.  You’ll need the following things before you can wax your car:  High quality, non-abrasive wax;  a clean sponge for application; and a clean, soft towel for removal.

car waxing

Polish:  If it’s been a while since your last wash, consider polishing the surface first. The light buffing from the polish removes small scratches and helps prevent the wax from trapping impurities.

Cool and Dry:  Wax tends to bond better when the surface is cool, so make sure you’ve parked in a shadow before starting work. The car must also be completely dry.

One Part at a Time:  When working on your car, start at the top and work your way down. This is a good idea because the bottom of the car is more likely to have some dirt missed during the wash. Always wax one part of the car at a time, as well.

Waxing Technique:  When putting wax on, remember to keep the layer thin and even. Give it time to haze before buffing it off and rotate your towel, so a clean part will always be used.

Plastic and Rubber:  When possible, avoid getting wax on the unpainted plastic and rubber parts. If you do get some on it, simply wash the wax off once you’re finished with the rest of the car. Window cleaner should work as a removal agent.

Colored Wax:  When your car has seen enough miles for the paint to start discoloring because of stone chips, colored wax is a good, short term solution. Just like you would with regular liquid wax, shake the bottle well before applying to the sponge. Spread it in a thin layer on discolored part, let it dry, and then buff it to a high shine. Although the chipping will still be there, it’ll be much harder to see.

Repeat this process every three to four months, and your car will thank you for it.  Helping Minneapolis area drivers keep their cars looking showroom-new is what SkipChips is all about. 


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