Top Car Emergency Supplies to Have for MN Winter Driving

The winter can bring a lot of hazardous conditions with it since there is a mix of cold temperatures, ice, wind and snow everywhere. Cars can slide right off the road and if this ever happens then you want to ensure that you’re prepared for winter driving with the right techniques as well as the proper emergency supplies. Place these items in your vehicle in order to assist you if something unexpected should happen while you’re on the road.

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  • Snow Brush with Ice Scraper – This will help you remove built up snow and ice from the windshield and vehicle.
  • Windshield Washer Fluid – Make sure to have plenty of this when you head out on the road. You should always be able to see out of the window. A solution with a de-icer material can be beneficial.
  • Flashlight – Since the days become darker earlier, keeping a flashlight handy will ensure that you’re always able to see in the dark.
  • Candle Heater – By placing a candle inside an empty can, you’re able to give yourself light and a lot of warmth. Matches along with this would be good since lighters that become cold may not work.
  • Sand with a Shovel – This can give your vehicle traction in cold, wet conditions. Kitty litter can also be useful in these types of situations.
  • Extra Water and Food – Having food that will give you high energy and is non-perishable can be helpful if you’re there for a while. Make sure to stock up on the water as well.
  • Large Winter Blanket – If there is no heat, then you’re going to need someway to keep warm. A large blanket to keep you warm will be greatly appreciated during this time.
  • A Radio and Cell Phone – Using a radio that is battery operated or wind up can keep you in touch and a cell phone that has a battery charger or extra battery can be helpful in order to call for help.
  • Jumper Cables – If your vehicle is not working, you are going to need to jump it in order for it to get running again which is an important thing to think about.

Make sure that not only are you ready for winter, but that your vehicle is protected as well. Speak with the professionals at SkipChips to find out how we can protect the outside of your vehicle against the harsh winter elements that will be coming your way in the Minneapolis area.