Use the Right Car Paint for a Professional Look You Do Yourself

A great way to update the look of your car is to give it a new paint job. A fresh coat of paint can turn average looking cars into works of art. Taking your car to an auto paint shop can be very expensive, running at around $2000 to $5000, depending on painter and paint grade.  If you use the right product, though, you can do the work yourself and get a professional result. The pros use three different categories of paint.

Economy:  The economy-grade paint is the least expensive and sold by the gallon. For this option, you’ll want to avoid anything made in China. Most of those brands are notorious for chipping and peeling within a year or so. Instead, look for options from Sherwin Williams or Starfire.  This paint is usually in the $40 to $80/gallon price range.

High End:  Because high quality options can be used in a wide variety of spray gun brands and a range of different uses, they’re usually sold by pint or quart, rather than gallon. Diamont, Kuston Shop and PPG are used in pro shops across the country, and offer high quality paint to the general market.  These cost between $30 to $100 per quart.

Premium:  If you’re looking for a truly unique look or simply the best finish possible, check out options in the premium grade. House of Kolor, Auto Air Colors and SEM Color Horizon are all ideal sources for premium paints, but DuPont and PPG also offer a few premium options, too. Beyond looking at individual brands, look for options formulated specifically for the kind of style you have in mind.  Expect to pay $500 to $600 per quart for this option.

Once you have the right paint for the job, you’ll have the confidence you need to get the exact look you want.  After you’ve applied your new color, consider protecting it with a clear auto bra product such as Scotchgard premium paint protection film from 3M. 

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