Using Diamon-Fusion® Windshield Protection Treatment

If you have never heard of the Diamon-Fusion® windshield protection treatment it is definitely something of interest to Minnesota drivers concerned  both about driving safety as well as protecting windshield glass.  Diamon-Fusion® is a hydrophobic protective coating for glass that is able to repel debris, dirt, and even water to improve visibility while driving. It is a liquid that is applied to the windshield to keep these contaminants away through the nano glass coating that it provides. Its two-stage application process will  improve visibility and strengthens the windshield at the same time to increase safety in case of a collision or impact of an object with the glass.


 How Does Diamon-Fusion® Windshield Treatment Work?

There are two steps involved that put on two different coatings. The first application consists of filling the microscopic pores on the surface of the glass that can easily become clogged with any type of debris, dirt, bugs, water, and so on and the application creates a strong covalent bond to protect the glass. The second application is to coat the entire surface with another layer to increase durability on the windshield to leave no point of entry for contaminants. This gives the windshield double the power to repel those unwanted debris, bugs, water, and so on.  The Diamon-Fusion® protective process also guards against clouding, etching, and miniscule chips and scratches which over time cause a windshield to become hazy.

SkipChips technicians are trained in professional application of Diamon-Fusion® for vehicle windshields.  If you’d like to increase your driving safety by improving your auto glass, Diamon-Fusion® can help.