Whatever Your Car's Color, Keep It Looking Good with 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film

With all the variety of auto colors on the road today, it’s hard to imagine a time when your only choice would have been black.  Today you can choose from over 350 different cars, and from a multiplicity of colors and trim to express your personality.  According to GM, the top car paint colors for 2012 are white and silver/gray.  White has remained a strong color leader for many reasons.  It’s easy to maintain because it doesn’t show dirt as readily as darker colors, and scratches and dents are less visible.  And when it comes to resale time, because white has remained a popular color for years, it helps add to the price.  Gray and silver have a similar appeal.  One surprising development – purple is quickly replacing black as the color of luxury.

More and more car buyers are looking at an auto purchase as an investment, and they want to preserve that investment as much as possible when it comes to getting top dollar at resale or trade-in time.  That’s why many buyers shy away from vivid or unusual colors, although brights such as greens and oranges are gaining in popularity, and for the first time, one car maker is introducing a pink option for one of its models this year.

Whatever color you choose for your car, whether it’s white to hide those inevitable chips and scratches, or a distinctive color option to express your uniqueness, sooner or later that beautiful painted finish is going to be marred and etched by those inevitable little chips from road debris, sand, salt, and gravel.  But you can take action to prevent most of that damage from occuring.  When you install a 3M clear auto bra package from SkipChips in Minneapolis (do-it-yourself or professional installation), you’ll be shielding it from most minor road damage.  3M premium paint protection film goes on invisibly on your hood, bumper, mirrors, and door edges, and guards against chips, scratches, etching, and stains.

SkipChips technicians are 3M-certified for installation of 3M Scotchgard clear auto bra, and all protection packages are custom cut to each vehicle’s specs using computer templates.  If you’ve chosen white or silver for your next car to preserve its resale value, or one of the many other attractive colors available, contact SkipChips today at (952) 401-4547 to keep that paint looking great for years.  Diamon Fusion windshield treatment and Scotchgard interior protectants are also available.