Whether You Drive a BMW or a Kia or Anything in Between, Improve Your Windshield With Diamon-Fusion Windshield Treatment Mpls

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you own, or how old it is.  Even the windshield of a brand-new luxury car, just rolling off the line, is full of defects.  You may not see them, but they’re there.  Windshield glass, despite its smooth look and feel, is full of pits and raised areas that can cause blurring as well as trap sand and dirt which result in etching or clouding.  Those little microscopic peaks and valleys can also catch debris and cause chips and cracks.  And what’s even more dangerous is that a windshield which appears crystal-clear can in fact act like a prism and scatter light, especially in wet or low-light conditions.  Fortunately there’s a solution for this.

SkipChips, the Minneapolis area’s paint protection film expert, highly recommends Diamon-Fusion© windshield treatment.  This completely invisible product actually bonds with your windshield glass, and while it’s virtually undetectable, the results are clear.  Diamon-Fusion© smooths out the peaks and valleys, providing a completely smooth surface that’s easy to maintain.  Insects and bird droppings simply wash off.  Water beads up, and it’s a lot easier to remove ice and snow than on an untreated windshield.  And what’s more, not only does Diamon-Fusion© protect your car’s windshield from scratches and chips, it also prevents etching and clouding, and eliminates that light-diffusing prism effect.  All of this combines to make the light coming through your windshield brighter, which results in better vision for you.  And when you have a clearer view of the road, you’re a lot safer as well.

In addition to Diamon-Fusion© windshield treatment, SkipChips also offers a variety of other automotive protective products such as 3M premium paint protection film and 3M Scotchgard interior protectants for carpet and upholstery.  Paint protection products (clear auto bra) are available either as a do-it-yourself home installation kit or professional installation by 3M certified technicians.   If youre vehicle has sustained paint chips, we also offer exceptional spot paint chip repair.

If you’re interested in improving  your driving vision and protecting your windshield – or other areas of your vehicle, contact the auto protection specialists at SkipChips today.  Call (952) 401-4547 or submit an online contact form