Why Choose Scotchgard to Protect Your Vehicle’s Upholstery?

3M logoAt SkipChips we sell and apply 3M Scotchgard fabric and carpet treatments as our exclusive interior auto protectant.  With the multitude of car care products on the market, why should you choose Scotchgard?

– Liquid spills bead up and can be easily sponged off or wiped up; they don’t soak in to the upholstery or carpet

– Upholstery treated with Scotchgard resists stain formation – the spills don’t adhere to the fabric fibers, meaning the mess can be cleaned up easily

– It is safe to use on all colorfast fabrics

– When applied, Scotchgard is virtually invisible; it doesn’t change the color, appearance, or feel of the upholstery

– By preventing liquids and stains from seeping into the upholstery or carpeting, Scotchgard can actually help cut down on odors in your vehicle

– Scotchgard products are durable; 3M recommends a reapplication only about once a year

– 3M Scotchgard has a reputation as the industry leader in fabric protection, including carpeting

At SkipChips we are committed to helping Minneapolis/St. Paul area drivers take the best possible care of their vehicles – inside and out.  Keeping your car or truck looking good helps you enjoy driving it, and when it comes to resale, a vehicle which has maintained its great appearance has a better resale value.  That’s why we install 3M Scotchgard products, including clear auto bra.


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