Safer Driving with Windshield Treatment from Diamon-Fusion

If your windshield is stained, cracked, or scratched, you may not have the clearest view of the road, and that spells danger.  But SkipChips, the Minneapolis area’s authorized dealer and installer for 3M Scotchgard paint protection film, has a great solution that both improves your through-the-glass vision and protects your windshield from damage.

Diamon-Fusion® windshield treatment can actually improve your windshield’s glass surface while it protects the glass from chipping, etching, scratching, etc.  Seen under a microscope, ordinary untreated glass is filled with peaks and valleys.  Those microscopic irregularities catch debris and dust, trap mineral-laden water, and make your windshield prone to chipping and cracking.  They also can cause vision distortion and glare because of light deflection.  And over time, untreated windshield glass can become stained and etched, giving the glass surface an overall cloudiness that can make your view less than clear.  This is especially problematic at night and in weather conditions such as rain and fog.  But windshields treated with Diamon-Fusion® are easier to keep clean and also make your vision clearer, brighter.  That results in safer driving because your view is significantly improved.

SkipChips, specializing in installing 3M Scotchgard paint protection film and fabric protectants also offers Diamon-Fusion® as a part of our automotive protectants because it’s a great component of an overall automobile protection package.  And when you add increased safety in driving, it’s a winning combination.

Protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior.  Keep its windshield clear and clean. 

Contact the auto windshield protection technicians at SkipChips today to see what Diamon-Fusion® can do for your car’s windshield.   And find out what other protective products are available for your particular vehicle.