Windshield Treatment Used by Military Is Now Available to Minneapolis Car Owners – Safer Driving, Easier Cleanup

If you could have the same windshield treatment used by the U.S. military to protect Humvee glass, would you choose it for your car?  Diamon Fusion protects windshields from chips and scratches while it improves vision. 

If you can’t decide, here are some points that may convince you:

  • Diamon Fusion is a virtually invisible, multi-layer product that actually bonds to the windshield glass, making it almost 12 times as resistant to chipping and scratching as untreated glass.
  • Windshields treated with Diamon Fusion have ain increased brightness level of 20%, making visibility better and increasing the likelihood of seeing an obstruction or problem sooner so that you can avoid it.
  • Diamon Fusion reduces the “prism” effect most windshields produce, especially at night.  Nighttime glare can be reduced as much as 30%.
  • Hydrophobic properties of Diamon Fusion mean water sheets off quickly, improving your vision during rainy conditions.
  • Once treated with Diamon Fusion, windshield glass maintenance is simple – snow and ice remove easily; insects, bird droppings, and dirt rinse off.

Untreated car windshields can cause problems for drivers.  Insects, bird droppings, rainwater, and headlight glare can impair your vision and reduce your reaction time.  But now with Diamon-Fusion you can actually improve your vision, protect your windshield from chips and scratches, and make clean-up and ice and snow removal a breeze.

If improving and protecting your car’s windshield sounds good to you, call the Minneapolis auto protection experts at SkipChips today at (952) 401-4547.  SkipChips offers a full range of interior and exterior car protection solutions in addition to Diamon Fusion like 3M Scotchgard carpet, leather, and upholstery treatments as well as 3M clear auto bra for nearly all vehicles, from Audi to Volkswagen.