Windshields Can be the Biggest Hazard on the MN Road: How to Improve Your Auto Glass


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Every day windshields can be damaged by numerous things such as rocks, road debris and pitting. The resulting chips and scratches are both unattractive and create a visual safety issue. Even if your auto glass is chip-free, the glare and dirt that you find on the windshield reduces your visibility and can make driving difficult for you to do. Driving in rain and snow can be increasingly difficult and dangerous to do with a less-than-optimal windshield.

Technology has not been available to reduce these hazards – until just recently. Diamon-Fusion is a windshield protection product that is backed by a replacement and repair warranty or the Limited Lifetime manufacturer warranty that protects the product in case something happens to it. Get confidence and peace of mind while driving.

The product is applied in two stages for existing vehicles. If you’re a new car owner, than you can usually order the product through your dealer when you order the vehicle.  Note:  The “Clear Fusion V “coating that you can get is not the same as the Diamon Fusion coating, so ask for it specifically to ensure that you’re getting the right product.

Benefits of Diamon Fusion

  • Provides up to 20% more brilliance for increased visibility
  • Gives drivers a 30% reduction in night time glare by reducing the prism effect and improving optical clarity
  • Treated glass is easier to maintain and clean.
  • Creates a surface that is over 11 times more resistant to rock chips or pitting due to the fact that it makes the glass slippery.
  • Provides a hydrophobic property which is used as a water repellent.

If you’re thinking of adding Diamon Fushion to your vehicle, speak with the professionals in Minneapolis who are able to install it for you. Here at Skip Chips we know how it should be placed on the windshield and make sure it is performing at its highest standard.