Winterizing Your Motorcycle for the Upcoming Minneapolis Winter

Mechanic with Motorcycle at Repair ShopWhen that first snow falls, you may feel sad because you know it is time to put the motorcycle away for the winter. Get your last few rides in and then properly store it away for winter until next spring when everything thaws and the wind is a bit warmer. Preparing for this winter is essential to ensure that your bike starts up in the spring once the snow melts.

Think of Good Storage Location

Ask your dealer if they have a storage program that you can use. They will be able to prep, store and have the bike ready to go in the spring for you. If you’re storing it – you need a dry, safe place to put it. Choose somewhere that doesn’t have windows that might let it moisture and sunlight. If there are windows, take care to cover them to block out the light. Cover your bike with a specially designed bike cover. Stay away from sheets or tarps – sheets hold moisture and mildew and can rust the bike.

Give Your Cycle an Oil Change

A colder winter grade oil will make sure that your bike starts up in the spring time. Even if your bike does not need a change, it should be done to ensure that the acids in the previous oil do not harm the inside of the bike. Warm up the bike and the oil before removing it from the bike. Warm oil comes out faster and completely. Change the filter while you’re at it.

Drain Carbs and Add Some Fuel Stabilizer

If you’re storing the motorcycle for over 4 months, the carbs will need to be drained but if not, you can leave them. Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and let the bike run for ten minutes so it completely mixes and gets to the carbs. Fresh fuel should be added to the tank. The fuel should just touch the bottom of the filler tank so there is enough room for when it expands if the temperature rises. Add winterizing fuel conditioner to prevent the fuel from becoming stale and to help prevent accumulation of moisture.

Storing the Battery

Batteries have to be removed from motorcycles while in storage. The battery should be charged every two weeks while in storage, but kept out of the bike to ensure that they are not drained completely.

Prep of the Outside of Your Motorcycle

Polish and wax the outside of the bike to protect against any moisture and rust that might make its way to the outside surface of the bike. Spray the frame, engine and other metal parts with a small coating of WD-40 to ensure that they are protected from erosion while the bike is in storage.

Getting your bike ready for winter storage is a great time to have the windshield treated with Diamon Fusion to get you ready for great viewing – and riding next spring.